Trends, challenges and new technologies are highlighted at iMNC19

The first day at the international MicroNano conference started Tuesday in a new location at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Attendees from Dutch and international businesses, universities and research centers discussed the latest developments on four main topics: Health & Life science, Agro & Food, Sustainability & Energy and Manufacturing & Engineering.

After a few words from MinacNed chairman Ronny van ‘t Oever the first keynote started. Albert van den Berg (MESA+ and University of Twente) talked about the NanoNextNL & MinacNed initiative: nano4society, a Dutch consortium of 130 companies, universities, knowledge institutes and university medical centres focussing on the opportunities of nanotechnology for social themes as health, agrofood, security and sustainability&energy. As of 2020 the new program nano4society will start with projects where science and SME’s work together for our future!

Prof.dr. James Hickman from the University of Central Florida talked about the integration of cells with silicon devices. Hickman gave some examples of advanced body-on-a-chip systems being developed right now.

After the opening keynotes the program focused more on the four main topics. Visitors listened to a wide range of themes and research presentations, while in the speakers dome people could take part with hands-on workshops.

The two closing keynotes on the first day of the conference came from prof. dr. ir. Paulien Herder (University of Delft) and Rob Hamer (vice president agrifood external affairs at Unilever). Herder talked about the energy transition and other fundamental changes industry and society has to make the next decades, while Hamer focused his talk on the challenges to feed the world. Technology will play a big role to make this possible.

After the ending of the first day at the international MicroNano conference, the visitors are ready for a second day on talks about topics where industry meets science.