Smart Camera Series Simplifies Machine Vision Deployment

The ICAM-7000 series cameras are fully integrated compact vision systems specifically designed for industrial automation applications. Preinstalled with Advantech’s graphical user interface-based application software EzBuilder, which supports the Intel® OpenVINOTM deep learning toolkit, ICAM-7000 provides an easy-to-use automated machine vision system that can be rapidly deployed for diverse factory applications.

Additionally, the ICAM-7000 series comprises both monochrome and color models that support up to 5MP resolution and feature a global shutter sensor to ensure premium quality imaging. The camera’s high-performance multi-core CPU+FPGA computing system provides enhanced computing with increased efficiency and reduced power consumption. To support industrial applications in harsh environments, the small yet rugged ICAM-7000 smart cameras are IP67 rated for protection from water and dust and can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure and equipment.


Integrated EzBuilder Software Eliminates Complex Programming

To satisfy a wide range of application needs, ICAM-7000 cameras are preinstalled with EzBuilder – Advantech’s machine vision application software that supports various machine vision tools. With this software, users only need to purchase licenses for the specific machine vision functions they require, such as identification functions for traceability applications or alignment functions for vision guidance and pattern matching applications. The flowchart-based design of the EzBuilder graphical user interface simplifies task execution to just three simple steps by eliminating the need for complex programming. This means that even users without programming skills can complete the software and application setup. Moreover, EzBuilder supports web-based remote monitoring via Ethernet, allowing managers to remotely access/manage ICAM-7000 cameras from any browser.


Supports Deep Learning for Diverse Machine Vision Applications

Advantech’s ICAM-7000 cameras also support the Intel® OpenVINO™ deep learning toolkit, making the ICAM-7000 series the first deep learning edge smart cameras developed for deep learning edge (inference) applications. For machine vision applications, OpenVINO™ enables smart cameras to rapidly adapt to new inspection criteria without system reconfiguration. Users only need to upload sample images to the training server, run the training process using the Intel® deep learning suite, and finally export a trained model for inference by the ICAM-7000 camera. After inference, the ICAM-7000 camera is ready to be deployed for object recognition. By simplifying and streamlining the deployment of machine vision applications, the ICAM-7000 series enables users to improve efficiency and significantly increase productivity.


Key Features

  • IP67 rating for protection from water and dust ingress
  • Preinstalled with Advantech’s EzBuilder machine vision software
  • Supports the Intel® OpenVINOTM deep learning toolkit
  • Color and monochrome models with up to 5 megapixel resolution available

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