Sensors for Decay Detection in the Agri-Food Chain

Is it possible to measure how fresh food is, even if it’s still packed? With the research consortium CheckPack prof. Frank Devlieghere developed an optical sensor which can be used in food packages that can tell whether a product is still consumable, without needing to open the package. By using this sensor, food waste can be prevented.
“Our main focus lies on meat and fish packings, because these are two important food industries in Flanders”, Prof. Frank Devlieghere (Ghent University, faculty of Bioscience Engineering) explains.
“Fish and meat don’t keep well, so a packing sensor comes in handy for these products. Later, we’ve also incorporated the sensor in fruit, vegetable and biscuit packings.”

Frank Devlieghere will tell more about the results of the CheckPack project in the Sensors for Agro & Food track during The Sense of Contact 19.

A. Sensors for Agro & Food

10.45-11.15  Sensors for Decay Detection in the Agro-Food Chain

Professor Frank Devlieghere, Ghent University

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Susanne van Boxtel

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