The growing number of high-performance FPGA and ASIC applications that are driven by the increased bandwidth of wireless networks and data centers demand for power regulators with high power density, fast load transient response, and high efficiency. Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoCs integrate multi-giga-sample RF data converters and soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) into a SoC architecture. Complete with an ARM Cortex-A53 processing subsystem, UltraScale+ programmable logic, and the highest signal processing bandwidth in a Zynq UltraScale+ device, the new family provides a comprehensive RF signal chain for wireless, cable access, test & measurement, early warning / radar, and other high performance RF applications.

Key Specifications:
The current specification of each rail can vary depending upon the part number and specific application/program that will be running on the RFSoC. Table 1 illustrates the typical current requirement of each rail for the Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC family. It is recommended to use the Xilinx Power Estimation (XPE) tool to estimate the accurate current requirement for optimization of the power solution design. Besides the voltage and current specifications, the power supplies for Xilinx FPGA power rails must meet the following requirements:
• The output voltage ripple of all power rails (except for analog rails) must be smaller than 10mV in steady state.
• The start-up of all power rails must be monotonic.
• Output voltage deviation of the core rail (VCCINT) must be smaller than +- 3% during a 25% load transient at 100A/μs.
• The turn-on and turn-off of the power supplies must follow a certain sequence defined by Xilinx.

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Alcom Electronics B.V.

Alcom Electronics

Alcom Electronics is the leading “technical distributor and manufacturers’ representative” for electronic components, embedded modules and industrial computing/communications in Benelux.

Alcom: the ideal partner

Alcom has been the trend-setter in innovative high-tech products since 1980. Alcom is the ideal partner for starting, small and medium sized manufacturers of components, modules and subsystems when they go in search of a new Channel Partner. Alcom works as a true partner alongside its principal and is committed to each manufacturer, often market leaders.

Alcom: the highest level of service

With a highly knowledgeable team of people, Alcom contributes to the success of its customers and improves their time-to-market objectives. Our technical solutions are supported from the concept of a design through to the final production. The chosen product categories are strongly synergistic. Alcom can often provide a complete solution.
Alcom’s product groups and represented lines are directed by a qualified team of product managers and application engineers, in conjunction with account managers to guarantee the highest levels of service to its customers.
In a word, Alcom is a long-term true technology bridge for the world’s most advanced technologies and a spearhead business partner in the served markets.
Alcom is member of two European alliances with the aim to offer European coverage for the majority of its products. This allows our business partners/manufacturers to select the strongest individual demand creating Stocking Representatives by technology and by region for the Eu-market.