Point-of-Care Diagnostic Sensing: Next Level Through New Key Enabling Technologies

Two research and development oriented companies in micro nano technology, Micronit and Surfix, have joined forces to bring the technology for fabricating advanced point-of-care diagnostic tests to the next level. In the Coat PoCKET R&D project, a capillary flow driven, polymer-based microfluidic chip with electrostatically triggered valves is combined with locally applied nanocoatings. This enables complex fluid control and allows assays requiring sequential flow of reagents to be carried out on-chip without the need for external pumps.
Bringing the technology to a scalable production process for PoC devices is what the project is aiming at.
The Coat PoCKET project is supported by EFRO/OP Oost.

The development of electrostatically triggered capillary valves and local surface modification as key enabling technologies for point-of-care diagnostics will be presented and explained in this lecture at the Sense of Contact 19 sensor conference.

12.00-12.15 hrs. Lecture B-1.5
Complex Sensor Technology for Point-of-Care Devices Being Brought to Production, CoatPoCKET

Aliki Tsopela

Micronit Microtechnologies

Wout Knoben


Susanne van Boxtel

Susanne van Boxtel

Sr. Projectmanager branche Industriele Automatisering

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