Pervasive Sensing Technologies, in Process Industry, in Daily Life and Supporting Neonatology

Everyone is talking about IOT, Digitalization or Industry 4.0. Where are we going to start?
Prompting a thorough integration of information processing into everyday objects and activities of human beings, that’s what pervasive computing is about.

With recent advances and mature techniques in both software and hardware of sensor development, making a plethora of embedded platforms that equip well computation, communication, and sensing capabilities available has brought rich experiences to end users. The phenomenon indeed reveals dramatic changes on the way we live, we act, we think, and so forth which all directly are linked to both our daily lives and industry.

At the sensor conference Emerson’s Jan Willem Dijkshoorn will introduce pervasive sensing in its’ application in process industry.

Furthermore, in Egbert van der Woude’s talk on ‘Multiparameter Sensing for Neopnatology’ turns out to be pervasive oriented too, in a completely different application area. Bronkhorst, Van der Woude’s background, comes from the microfluidic specialism. Look at the subtitle of the duo presentation together with Aleksandar Andreski, Saxion University Applied Sciences: ‘Microfluidic Monitoring of  Intravenous Drug Delivery’

Jan Willem Dijkshoorn

Dec. 13th
14.40 – 15.00 hrs. A-2.4
Pervasive Sensing Technologies
Egbert van der Wouden


Aleksandar Andreski
Saxion University of Applied Sciences

December 13th

13.30 – 14.00 hrs. Lecture B-2.1

Multiparameter Sensing for Neonatology
Microfluidic Monitoring of Intravenous Drug Delivery




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