iMNC19 exhibitor: Nano Engineering Research Initiative (NERI) of TU Delft in the spotlight

The Nano Engineering Research Initiative of TU Delft (NERI) exploits the opportunities of the small scale to create breakthrough innovations for industry and society. Nanotechnology is recognized as a key enabling technology for a wide variety of applications to address important societal challenges in health, energy and sustainability. Within the domain of modern mechanical systems, instruments and devices, the nano-scale brings new materials and structures, as well as new generations of active functions, such as extremely sensitive, small-footprint sensors and nano-positioners.

NERI has the mission to establish the knowledge and technology foundation to move nano from lab to app, and to accelerate repeatable and reliable design and manufacturing of relevant functions and applications at an industry-compatible scale.

Research is performed within strategic and sustainable partnerships, bringing together industry and knowledge institutes to lay the basis for new industrial activities. Within the NERI research programs, science meets industry to join forces and bring nano-enabled innovations, inspired by real industrial cases. Currently, NERI focusses on the Research Programs Functional Material Structures, Precision Instruments and Nanomaterials and Devices.