Helping Early Born Babies by Industrially Developed Sensor Technology

‘Sensing for Neonatology’ is the more professionally defined title of the lecture at The Sense of Contact conference. In a joint presentation dr.Aleksandar Andreski of  Saxion University Applied Sciences and Egbert van der Wouden, Bronkhorst High Tech will point out how they designed and built a microfluidic sensor system to monitor intravenous drug delivery, specifically applied for early born babies in incubators. Based on microflow sensors, designed and developed for industrial applications, they succeeded in at least a proof of principle set up. The system was built with a fluidic resistance & Delta P sensor, a Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, an Calorimetric Mass Flow Meter, a Anemometric Mass Flow Meter, a density meter and a syringe pump.

It is a great example how industrial/academic collaboration may lead to life saving and caring solutions.

B-2 Sensors for Life Science & Health
13.30-14.00  Sensing for Neonatology, Microfluidic Monitoring of  Intravenous Drug Delivery

Egbert van der Wouden       

Aleksander Andreski
Saxion University of Applied Sciences

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